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I'm the man behind The Mercer Report.

The Mercer Report is my place for ranting, writing, and arithmetic.

I live, work, and learn on a farm with my family in southern Manitoba.

Every summer our family hosts thousands of visitors at our farm, showing them what we do, and answering questions about everything under the sun.  You can visit the farm website here.

 I like to write about politics, government, farming and whatever catches my fancy.  I was homeschooled through grade 12, and now I'm studying many things, most notably constitutions and how to improve them for the 21st century.


I estimate that I have given 20,000 pony rides.

(I don’t count if you are wondering)

I do enjoy it, but sometimes it can get sleepy.

The Lawrenson Family   Out Sitting in our Field!

About the Mercer Report

The Mercer Report is my sand box for whatever I find worth sharing, my efforts to make jokes, and the issues that I care about. I blog, podcast, and youtube, on a totally erratic schedule. The best way to keep up with The Mercer Report is to subscribe to my email list. 

The works that I like best on this site are, Why I didn't go to Star Wars, The Hair Products Equality Act, and the 18 years of pictures series.  To keep up with the Mercer and Mogilvesky show head to the Liberty Film You Tube channel.

Here is what I said when the site launched;

The Mercer Report is now two years old as a newsletter, and has just gone online. I am in the process of putting up all of the old reports and continuing to create new content every month. The Mercer Report will still be sent out monthly as a newsletter with most of the content being posted here.

I plan to add a series reporting on local government and review some of my favorite books. So sign up for the next report and stay tuned.


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