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September 18, 2017

Some of you are farmers, but many of you don't have much connection to some of the forage work I do.  I have my own hay making equipment, but I spent about a month working for a farmer using his much more expensive stuff. I did a large number of jobs, but most of my ti...

June 16, 2017

I got a tractor! It's a John Deere 3130.  It will do everything that I need. Today I put on new front tires.  I'll see what else all needs to be fixed.  Now that I have a green machine, my status will likely rise.  But we'll see. If you want to come and give it a spin,...

February 22, 2017

About a month back, I got a chance to interview Canada's only homeschooled MP.  

I asked him about homeschooling and he said he would not mess with education (it's provincial responsibility under the constitution). But he said he would role up a parents' bill of rights,...