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February 22, 2017

About a month back, I got a chance to interview Canada's only homeschooled MP.  

I asked him about homeschooling and he said he would not mess with education (it's provincial responsibility under the constitution). But he said he would role up a parents' bill of rights,...

January 28, 2017

So you have watched the US election with a mix of amusement and alarm. In general Trump seemed to be an idiot. But he seemed to have a point about trade. Bernie, and even Hillary, agreed. The right wingnuts and union leaders said the same thing. "We need to save jobs....

January 25, 2017

I have loved being on YouTube. It's a wonderful form of communication. And I have a fondness for communication. But sometime people (always older than me) question what the whole point of investing time, money, and such into a channel as this. I sometimes wonder too. L...