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The Holy Land Experience

I promised last month that I would tell about the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. We went there on a cool day (by Florida standards). It cost about $40 per person, which may sound expensive but in comparison to other parks and attractions it comes in on the cheaper end. Supposedly it was built to be similar to the true holy land, but it is difficult to make comparisons. I admit I have not been to Israel but it did not seem like these people had gone there either.

Alright, before I rip them apart I will tell you about the good things. There were three things of good report. A 3/4 model of the tabernacle was well done. They also have a scriptorium with one of the largest collections of old biblical manuscripts including Old Testament scrolls and early translations into English and German. The last good thing was the scale model of Jerusalem. I have included some pictures because it was truly worth seeing.

A scale model of a Jerusalem palace.

So now you are wondering why I’m so down about this place. The problems are several- 1. everything was too nice; all glitz and glamour, statues and gold chairs everywhere including the bathrooms, nothing was realistic. It gave the impression that money was squandered.

The replica of the temple.

2. They have a lot of actors which is fine but their “Jesus” actor went around attempting to bless and heal the visitors. And that seemed quite close to blasphemy. 3. Last of all, the whole place was revoltingly promoting Christian religion which is quite ugly. So in summary, I would say to them, “spend your money as you will, but please don’t spend it on religion”.

We half enjoyed our day and half choked on the rest. We learned from the good things, but learned more from the bad.

That is right, this is the inside of the bathroom!

I wish I had taken a picture of the loo.

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