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Inaugural Post

Well, The Mercer Report is live on the Internet. The Report is two years old as of January and coming of age on the web. I always hoped to have a website , and am pleased that for the search “the mercer report” I’m on the 16th page of results. :(

It does mean that I must use some restraint to properly censor my thoughts and edit my grammar, since my eloquence will be public and as some of you have pointed out, both tend to lack political correctness. ;) I still plan on sending out the Mercer Report as a newsletter so make sure to sign up. Most of the content will also be available on this site. I do not truly know what the purpose of this electronic computing information location will be. As it is going to convey whatever I choose, it is likely to go here and there with my wandering spirit.

I do want to do some stories reporting on local politics, and government. Reports on council meetings will be of very narrow interest. But I know that local governments need to be empowered, and all the talk on reforming and improving the Federal and provincial governments is pointless if municipal governments are not put first in our minds, hearts, and energies. And the main avenues for that to occur is for good reporting to be done, to call people's attention to the business being carried out by local governments. So I hope you will shortly find some half decent, and at least honest, journalism, here as well as all the claptrap.

Thank you for visiting and make sure to sign up if you would like to receive future Mercer Reports and updates.

Mercer Lawrenson

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