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Rated F (for farm)

Parental discretion advised. Content may not be appropriate for very young city residing children.

You Are Warned


Goats are animals, and not the boring type. I very much have a love/hate, well mostly hate, relationship with goats. First some of their more positive attributes. Most of them have a decent ability to keep themselves alive. They take good care of their kids, many of them have twins, and they produce a large amount of milk in proportion to their body size and feed intake. They avoid consumption by coyotes with greater acuity than sheep and tend to have a good temperament on most Tuesdays and Fridays. But they are also quite capable of escaping their pens. We have one gate that has to be latched, that latch has to be pinned, and that pinned latch has to be tied down, and then we can only hope they don’t decide to just plain jump over the gate.

All that is fine, but goats have one very significant character flaw, a lack of foresight, that particularly applies to family planning. So we take measures to remedy this fault- namely separating the the bucks from the does until five months (the length of their gestation) from when we are sure the temperature will be well above zero (May). Last year, they must have understood because they went along with the plan but this year there was a communication breakdown for the bucks took the time to escape from their six foot high steel fence that also had plywood and smaller steel panels reinforcing it in all minutely penetrable sections to create what I believed was a secure fortress. But I, of course, was wrong, and in February, a month not particularly suited to being born outside, we had baby goats.


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