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A Closer Look At The “Christmas Spirit”

The “Christmas spirit” is well promoted at this time of year. Many things are connected with the Christmas spirit and people are encouraged to bask in its warmth. So in true Mercer Report style, I wish to question whether the Christmas spirit is truly good.

First off, Saint Nicholas. Most would consider good old Santa to be one promoter of the Christmas spirit, but I believe a close investigation reveals a lot of negatives. Santa is an overweight, smoking, unemployed home-invader. Not a stellar promoter of good values to children. He also has an immensely large negative impact on the economy. At a time when shopping and employment in both the manufacturing and retail sectors can be boosted to the highest levels of the year, Santa comes along, and without contributing to jobs, taxes, or any form of economic growth, he dumps a load of free stuff on everyone working in the entire economy. That's not the Christmas spirit I want to emulate. Even though Santa gives out free things, Christmas is a time when most people find themselves financially stressed, and it results in a time of long sleepless nights. Not a spirit to promote.

Christmas is also a time of worried driving on icy roads, uncomfortable family gatherings, and giving gifts to people you dislike while you pretend to like them. Christmas is a time of overeating and bad attitudes, partly because of the stress, and partly because of that "Christmas spirit". Studies have been done showing that 47% more aging occurs in the month of December then on average. That’s all due to the mistakenly promoted Christmas spirit. This Christmas, thankfully, is passed, but next year, as you start cursing when the tree comes down on your head for the third time, just remember that the promoted Christmas spirit is not a reason to do Christmas. So leave that tree in the forest where it belongs, leave the decorations in the basement and frown at those people you don't like instead of trying to fool them with a piece of chocolate. You’ll be a lot happier and you’ll keep away those grey hairs as well.

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