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Special Report: How to move big things through small spaces.

“Fully 40% of the world’s time in frustration is spent on things that don’t fit.”

-Celeste Lawrenson

Recently my dad purchased a steam shower, which essentially is a machine that sprays water from every direction in every form (hot and cold liquid, fast and slow liquid, gas, and solid- OK, the solid part is joke, but it comes pretty close). Now, some of you have a functional head on your shoulders, but for those of you who would like to drown in hot water as if in some medieval torture chamber, sadly for you the facilities described being installed herein are not open to the Mercer Report reading public.

Now, it is not my intent to bash personal choice, so back to the story. It began to get interesting after it was delivered. That was when we realized that it would not fit up the stairs, but by that point it was half-way up already, and I was most of the way underneath it. And did I tell you that a three-quarter sized hot tub (which is essentially what it is) weighs next to nothing? So after casting my leg, we began to cast around for another option. Taking the stairway wall off, or busting down the living room wall were considered, but these seemed like large projects to do before supper, so we began to measure the upstairs windows. The largest one was just big enough. The next thing we did was take the steam shower outside and put it on a pallet.

Then they brought the scaffold over to the window and took the window off its hinges and put it in the house. Then we strapped the steam shower to the pallet. Then I lifted the pallet up to the second-story scaffold (I have been lifting some weights recently). The steam shower was then slid off the pallet onto the scaffold and through the window, the window was replaced and I went to the chiropractor.

End of special report.


Something I learned about spellings: the word ‘palət', although sounding all the same, is actually three different words. Here is a quick reference on the three different spellings of ‘palət.

pallet- wood palette- artist palate- mouth


Real Men have metal arms.

Almost finished.

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