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  • Celeste Lawrenson

The Conference Scramble

(orginally published March 2014)

'Twas the night before the night before Conference,

and all through the Lawrenson house,

All the creatures were stirring, even a mouse.

The school work was done in a flurry with care,

The children cleaned house,

in hope that play-time soon would be there.

And Mama in a panic, and Papa in worse,

Did not leave the computer, oh, what a curse!

There were emails to send, and jobs to assign,

Would this conference ever come into line?

There was laundry to do, and food to prepare,

And every girl in the place was worried about hair!

What should I wear, that looks clean and neat?

What should go in the oven to eat?

The situation is desperate, only two days to go,

And what do you think? There's sheep loose in the snow!

Oh no, we all cry, it's time to leave,

And then the phone rings, and we all nearly scream,


#Celeste #Homeschooling #MACHS

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