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The Candidates Debate! Well... hardly. :(

On Monday morning Tory commander Brian Pallister, NDP boss Greg Selinger, and Liberal muster pilot Rana Bokhari went on CJOB to “debate”. It was billed as a gloves off affair, with blood supposedly spattering the studio walls. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Premier, Liberal upstart, and PC leader all stuck to talking points, and focus group evaluated attacks. I was immensely disappointed. My expectations are not high--all I ask is for candidates to show a semblance of sincerity. Robotically regurgitating scripted spin when asked a question, or saying not true when criticised, is not good politics, and is certainly not great leadership. Memorized debating shows a focus on getting elected, not making life better for anyone. Just saying.

#Manitoba2016 #Politics

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