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  • Isabelle Goertzen

Spring's Outfit of Change

This poem was written by my delightful cousin, Miss Isabelle Goertzen.

Spring’s Outfit of Change

By Isabelle Goertzen

My favorite outfit, the best one of all,

Sits between Winter and Summer, not Fall.

When the first goose flies North, when birds start to sing,

It’s warm and it’s mucky, it’s wet and it’s spring!

It’s not quite right for shorts, yet jackets won’t do,

As I change my outfit the backyard does too.

Winter rolls up his sleeves, though not all the way,

Still it’s a glorious, splendid, most beautiful day.

Oh, to walk in my rubbers, my hoodie, my jeans,

It’s Spring’s outfit of change, a switch of the scenes.

The dog’s become lazy, school’s focus has too,

The sky’s gone from grey to a marvelous blue.

New opportunities, new things to wear,

New tunes to whistle, new stories to share.

Many thoughts must I think, as I lie in the sun,

Why is it that people find the warm seasons fun?

What ought we to plant in the garden, pray tell?

And who, in the puddles, won’t romp and yell?

A breeze stirs my hair, it’s mussed up, I’m afraid,

I wonder if Springtime wears hers in braids.

She prob’ly goes barefoot, and creeps quietly

On a sunbeam, or winds that blow through the trees.

With warmth as her cloak, and a songbird her pet,

I suppose in a rainstorm she’s awfully wet.

As a team, both the grass and the puddles will grow,

To conquer their enemy of cold, frozen snow.

And so, battle-clad, we head out to war,

With windows flung open and resolutions galore.

We are sure to win, we do every year,

Yet adventure’s exciting, and now it is here!

Our armour is sweaters and sandals and shorts,

Which makes it a casual occasion of sorts.

The cold weather retreats, the victory’s won,

We can sit still and see the ever-earlying dawn.

Winter has passed, and summer’s in range,

But right now the world’s wearing Spring’s outfit of change.


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