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Inside the MACHS Conference

The homeschool conference looms large over the month of March in our family. We do year-round work organizing and planning, but when the conference week comes around, all the jobs must be done. So there are a few last minute deadlines that keep us on our toes. You can read Celeste's poetic take on that here. But with all the causes and unexpected back flips required, when set up day came everything worked splendidly.

Which is how the whole conference went: Splendid! Here are some of the highlights from my view of the conference. Thanks to Kyla McKee for the pictures.

Thursday afternoon. We momentarily convene for a discussion.

Bag stuffing proceeds at a breakneck speed.

All Stuffed

Keynote Speaker Rick Boyer

Sometimes you had to fight for a seat in teen track.

Discussions with friends

Musical Prelude on Friday evening.

25th anniversary program.

Look's like nobody is sleeping yet. Personally I use a lot of adrenaline to survive the work, and information overload.

Paul Faris pontificates at the Friday evening keynote.

Rick Boyer makes a point

All the Alumni that could be rounded up for a photograph.

Lunch is lots of fun even when you can't get a chair.

While I hosted Rick Boyer at the Conference, we became good friends.

The struggling learner panel had few struggles.

Dad explains to the parents and grads how the grad ceremony is choreographed. It's the closest you will come to seeing a dance at a homeschool conference.

The 2016 Grads with, and without their parents.

The few available, sleepy-looking committee members get thanked at the end of the conference.

I enjoyed the conference immensely, which is probably why I like to help plan it. Hope to see you there next year.

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