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Why I Joined Facebook

Confession Upon Joining Facebook

Dear Facebook User,

Today I joined you on Facebook. It is something that I regret having to announce. I think that Facebook may have its redeeming qualities, but I do not intend to spend any of my life scattered from post to post, with others' likes and dislikes, dictating the ups and downs of my popularity. But I am a very self interested person. And since a large percentage the world's population seems committed to spending oodles of their time on Facebook, and since Facebook has not turned its full attention on me of it’s own accord, I feel it is necessary to prod it along. I intend for you to pay great attention to my thoughts and complaints so I have joined up. Not, however, to endorse your choice to spend your time on Facebook, but to promote my commentary and maybe even convince you to spend your time on something more lasting than status updates.

I have created a Facebook account for blatant self promotion. But I confess it publicly and carry no guilt about my position. It does cause me some pain, as a contrarian, to do something that one billion other people have done, but unfortunately not all the ideas other people have are wrong.

I plan not to be changed by Facebook but to change Facebook myself.

So hold me to it.

A Reluctant Facebook User,

Mercer Lawrenson

P.S. Bring on the outrage!

To see my profile click here.

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