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Film Class Takes Off

In late February I started taking a film class with a group of great homeschool kids. When I got the opportunity to join I jumped at the chance, since I have always taken an interest in making movies. (Some of you may have seen a few of the stop animation movies that we have made). But I did get raked over the coals when I told everyone that I did not really care to watch that many movies, and I don't think that video is the best medium in the world. But as much as I do not consume movies I want to produce movies and make other people watch what I've made. So even as I admit to not being the perfect movie aficionado I can say that I have really enjoyed learning more about film and movie production.

The class is taught by Expressions Film Studio. And so for a bunch of weeks I went down to the studio and learned about film and all the exciting inside-the-film-industry details that I will not disclose here. Once the group was all warmed up to movie production, we began working on a script, and have since spent five days shooting and will finish up in the next few weeks. Here are some of the pictures that I have taken with what explanation I wanted to give.


The skylight in the Sherbrook street studio

We were on the third floor, and it was very much a half story, with great views of the city.

Day 1


On our first week we were in a basement, with a small but noticeable pole in the middle of the room. It was not that hard to work around, but the order of the day was chaos.

Day 2


On day two we were quite a bit more organised and able to shoot two different locations.

Likely one of the few times I'll be glad to have been wearing a suit. It was COLD!

While I was freezing someone took some ussies with my camera in the WARM car.

Later I had some fun trying to look like a pro journalist.

Day 3


Day three was the first time we worked with extras. It went well but it does take a bit longer to tell 20 extra actors what to do.

This picture is of what I think will be the greatest scene of the movie, but you will have to watch it to get the full dramatic effect.

That is all the behind the scenes for now. Stay tuned for more short film shananagins and when to watch for a blockbuster release.

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