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High Summer 2016 on The Mercer Report

I can unwaveringly say that this summer has been a terrific blessing. The large number of splendid thunder storms reduced my ability to bale as much hay as I wished. But such is my life. Lots of fun!

The film is coming along well. All the shooting is done, and the editing is proceeding nicely. And after that, all that separates the motion picture for completion is recording and editing music.

I will be posting more pics from on set soon.

As for summer events, they were wonderful. Camp went off without a hitch. A lot of my cousins either work or attend the half week of Victory Bible Camp, and I have come to really appreciate the privilege of working with a vast and wonderful family.

The annual homeschool field day was a blast as always. One can't help but have fun when you get a hundred and fifty homeschoolers over. I will post a video of the 15 passenger van push at some point.

Liberty Film has gone terrifically these last three months. We have had a lot fun especialy with the Mercer and Mogilvesky show. We will continue to try new things, and appreciate your feedback and ideas. If you want to follow us over there head over to Liberty

I have started to podcast. I am large fan of this form of content creation. So you will likely see a lot of that in the future. If you would like to listen to my first try, you can do so on the website or on YouTube.

Thanks for coming back after the summer, and I hope to have some Mercer Report goodies here soon.

Caleb Mogilevsky filmed and put together a behind-the-scenes video from the last day of shooting.

I think does a good job of showing what it was like.


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