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Film Class Part Two: Pressing On

Either due to laziness, and/or other priorities, these pictures are several months old as of posting.

This scene took us to a decrepit warehouse, or something of the sort, on a sweltering hot day.

Waiting for the cameras to get set up.

Filming outside is great because of the natural light, but it also makes it impossible to discern what your viewfinder is showing you.

For some reason, places like this where no one would want to live are called eyesores, and make for excellent movie locations.


We shot this scene in a small apartment near where I used to live.

It doesn't really come through in this picture, but that is an extra thin stove, and it needs to be, all but a teeny piece of the kitchen is in the picture. I don't think a big family lives in this apartment. ;)

This is what my view looks like when we're shooting a movie. Making sure that the viewfinder shows whatever the film viewer will need to see.

When you film inside, you realize how much magic really does occur by only showing you part of the shot. What looks like an empty room has a dozen people in it, three lights, two cameras, a boom mic, and a lot of extension cords.

Sometimes there is a window with no blinds and all you have to cover it with are the sweaters you brought, and a bit of duct tape. Filming is a wild ride on which you can never really predict what will happen next.


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