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  • Mercer Lawrenson

I've Called the Election

I did not want to do this, and I'm not as sure about this call as my calls in the past, but I felt that I needed to let people know who would win. So here's my take.

With the U.S. election campaign drawing momentarily to a close, humanity eagerly wants to put this whole fiasco behind us. Already we can see the breaking dawn of cheerier Facebook feeds and Trump-free newscasts ahead, but before all is said and done, I want to say a few words about the next president. Hillary Clinton will be the next president and here's why.

Hard work.

Whether you appreciate her work, or not, Hillary Clinton has worked for this opportunity since she got out of college, and it has been hard. She does not have her husband's charisma; the rhetoric of Reagan; the charm of Obama; nor the ability to build enthusiasm like Trump; she is not an impressive figure, or a natural orator; but she will be the first woman to lead the world's largest Republic. She will sit in the Oval Office because she's been patient. It's been many years waiting for others to take their turns, wiggling out of scandals, biding her time. She has had major victories but refrained from hanging her hat on them. She's been knocked down by scandals and failures, but has picked herself up again, and dug herself out of holes that have buried many other politicians. She has managed to hold on to a section of the electorate that really believes in her, at the same time as pleasing the political elites and wall street; few have ever done it for so long. She has run for president and gone down to defeat, but continued, not allowing an 8 year set-back to prevent her from achieving her goal. She has being battered by Republicans and even those in her own party for a full decade and was still able to squash any insurgency in the primaries. She is not facing the strongest Republican nominee, but defeating Donald Trump has not been an easy task. You don't know where he's going to go next, and Hillary has been thrown, at times, out of her comfort zone of just reading off a script but she has managed to win a rare third term for one party, and will become the first woman president. So no matter the terrible shape you may think the world is in, hard work, resiliency, and commitment are still rewarded. The old maxim remains true, “If at first you don't succeed, try, try again”. Hillary Clinton will win because she's done what it takes. She's made the investment, and therefore she deserves it. So from all of us who don't think you should be president but know what hard work means, go get ‘em girl.

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