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Quinzhee's, Christmas, and Classics

Christmas is over. But the reason people love Christmas so much is that it lingers; it lingers in the gifts, the memories, and the extra pounds. I am not obsessed with the big winter holiday, but I do appreciate all the awkward moments relatives have to spend with one another. It is truly fun trying to keep a stone cold face, while internally your mind is splitting with laughter.

Pardon me for the impropriety.

Quinzhees are one of the best parts of Christmas. If you do not build a quinzhee during the week or so you have away from your regular miserable life, you are missing out. This year's Christmas quinzhee was not too bad, but when it came time to sleep in it overnight, it was a total disaster. The floor was built high in an attempt to keep warm air from escaping, but in the end the quinzhee was cold anyway. I did not even try to sleep in it, but a bunch of my cousins froze, did not sleep at all, and then came inside to thaw and catch a few winks in the early morning. I filmed some shots as we dug out the magnificent snow hut. The quality of the video shows why I do not vlog, but it does give you an idea of what it’s like to dig under a pile of snow. You spend a lot of time on your back, flipping around to avoid getting a pile of fresh snow straight into your face. :)

Gifts are the thing that puts Christmas over the top for most people. I get the gifts that no one else wants. Not because they are not great gifts, but because I am weird. And so I have procured a beautiful new stack of classics, related to freedom and government. Take a look at these these thickies.

PSA (inserted by editor) For your own sake, if you have the unfortunate circumstance of speaking with Mercer in the next little bit, (or ever) don’t bring up what he has been reading! It’s for your own good.

There is a special satisfaction in cutting and stacking a solid pile of wood.

And to top it off we all got ski goggles to ease future skiing adventures.

And that is the Mercer Report version of Christmas.


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