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Still aren't sure why Trump Won? This chart makes it clear.

Have you not yet figured out how Romney lost the popular vote by 5 million, and Trump lost the popular by 3 million, but got a hundred more electoral college votes than Romney? You need to look no further than this chart. It shows how DJT lost votes compared with 2012 in the non-important states, but gained a large margin in the 13 states that where swingable. This was partly driven by a fluke of demographics, but Trump also ran in several states that HRC’s team could have won if they had deployed their far greater advertising and on-the-ground resources. But they stuck with polling, which was telling them that they didn't need to defend those states, even when people on the ground were getting quite worried. Trump went with his gut. Seems he's got a really good gut. I don't think that's the best way to govern, or even campaign, but it worked well for him. Hillary's team was far too bureaucratic, and he managed to scoop up the right votes in the right spots and win pretty much only the states that mattered. And all the states that mattered. The one lesson to take from this is don't bet against Trump.

This chart is not that great here. To see the original click here.

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