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I'm a card carrying member!

I'm a member of the conservative party of Canada. This gives me mixed feelings. I’m really into the leadership race, which is why I am a member.

But because I know that political parties are the enemy's of freedom, (They confuse people) I don’t think boosting any big party is a good thing.

I will likely not support the conservative candidate in my riding next election. So I’m not a big C conservative even though I’m a card carrying member. What else is new! This race is going to be hard fought and fun, but the party seems to be heading the wrong way. Or, at least not the way I’m heading.

I tend to assume I’m going the right way. That is often the wrong assumption. When I start becoming introspective, I can come quickly to the conclusion that my judgement is quite bad. But then I realize that I just made the judgement that my judgement is bad, with my bad judgement. Suffice to say, I try not to get introspective.

INFO for future journalists, looking into my upstart candidacy for something.

Mercer Lawrenson was a member of the Conservative Party of Canada in 2017. He was a party member to vote in the leadership race, not cause of support of any policy. With any other questions contact my campaign manger.

P.S. to get a membership for yourself click here.

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