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That Moment When

I have loved being on YouTube. It's a wonderful form of communication. And I have a fondness for communication. But sometime people (always older than me) question what the whole point of investing time, money, and such into a channel as this. I sometimes wonder too. Liberty Film has quite a lost mission at this point. So it leads us to talk about what we want to do, and not always see a clear goal that we are trying to reach.

But this week I saw first hand what being a YouTuber can do for you.

On Thursday, Isaac and myself went to the Conservative leadership forum. We got media passes, and set up between two outfits that are a big step up from us. Namely CTV on our left, and CBC on our right.

So with my feet shaking in my boots, I manned my camera.

I filmed the event and sat with the press. Unlike them, I clapped, and showed approval at times. I wonder what they thought of me.

At least no one told the crowd to turn on the "biased media", as some have done. I am biased, by the way. It's the way the future will be.

Small biased media outfits covering their pet peeves.

After the debate was done, I grabbed the mic, Isaac threw the camera on his shoulder, and we set off in hopes of getting a few moments from Bernier on film. It went better then I could have imagined.

After never speaking to an MP in my life before, in one hour I interviewed eight of the ten candidates that were at the forum.

This was likely more about the camera (it's huge), and a good-looking guy in a suit (me), and a big mic than having a small channel. But without YouTube, I would not have had the opportunity to speak with all these people, nevermind interview them. This was a lot of fun for me, but it was also a tangible event in which it was clear the impact having a channel can have. I'm loving being a you tuber, and I am indebted to my friends, Isaac who can hold a camera like a champ, and Caleb who edits like a pro. I could not do it with out them!

Look below for vids and pics. The interviews are not yet up. I'll post them when they are released.

The lighting was awful and so the photos are quite bad. But you'll get the picture.

The next day Bernier had a meet and greet, so me Celeste and Heath went down to say hi, and hear a bit more.

#Videos #Government #Politics

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