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We have been out skiing/snowboarding two days so far. Depending on how keen you are, we will each do one or two more days of skiing. It's been a blast. I have had only one big fall. The crash was not so bad in this case. It was the slide afterwards that did not sit well with me. I had gotten rather warm, and in an attempt not to sweat I had just removed my mitts. Then I went down a steep run. As I went back and forth, I got going a bit too fast and crossed up my skis. So I took a tumble, and lost one of my skis. That was not so bad. The problem was that now I was sliding at the rate of a freight train downhill, face first, trying to keep my sleeves from getting filled with snow. My one ski behind me was just flapping on the snow and made it impossible for me to get my feet in front of me. In the end, I had to walk back up the hill for a about 200 feet and got bathed in sweat. So to sum up, we are loving the Rockies, and all alive and well. I made up a video with some of the best shots I've taken.

Standing on the summit! Heads in the clouds.


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