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What is the best kind of trade in 2017?

So you have watched the US election with a mix of amusement and alarm. In general Trump seemed to be an idiot. But he seemed to have a point about trade. Bernie, and even Hillary, agreed. The right wingnuts and union leaders said the same thing. "We need to save jobs. We need to stop these deals that send jobs to the other side of the world." But a whole generation of both sides of the political aisle have been boosting free trade. So what is it? Do we need "Good deals" "No new deals" or "Open borders"? This seems to be puzzling a lot of people, and I understand why. Politicians are flip-flopping on this faster than a fish out of water. So the M&M show went wonky for a bit and laid out free trade so everyone can understand it.

Note: Nothing I say in favor of free trade is meant to say that I think that all “free” trade deals that are made are inherently good. Most “free” trade deals are mostly set up to help big corporations and not build freedom and prosperity for all.

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