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It's Been a Year!

The Mercer launched a year ago. Hooray! Building a website now takes me an afternoon. Then it was a big deal. That's one of the reasons that I started a website. To learn how it was done. I also wanted to get a better grip on writing. I'm still working on that, my writing has gotten better (a bit better), but I know I have a much broader and deeper understanding of communication. Which will be helpful for the rest of my life.

I'm one of those people that thinks myself, and many others, spend far too much time online, but I post so infrequently that I don't feel guilty for making another time-eating website.

Success with content creation is obtained by being consistent. Consistent in when you post, and what you post. The Mercer Report has had neither of these. Thus the hits don't rival Huffpost, but I did not intend to be consistent. I really wanted to just enjoy having a blog. Not make a project that demands my time when I don't want to give it. It's worked great! I've posted throughout the year in a scattered way, little bursts here and there, sometimes a long stretch with nothing. That up-and-down mirrored the amount of free time I had and the drive I had to write.

This year I will try to get a little ditty out each week. As well as increasing the depth and focus of my pieces. Have no fear to keep ratings up, I will maintain the shenanigans that I am well known for. I feel privileged to have this opportunity, and that you have joined me here. Here’s to another year of the Mercer Report.

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