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Brad Trost and the rise of homeschooling in politics.

About a month back, I got a chance to interview Canada's only homeschooled MP.

I asked him about homeschooling and he said he would not mess with education (it's provincial responsibility under the constitution). But he said he would role up a parents' bill of rights, which I think is a good idea. He seemed to have moved on from that, because yesterday he released his education platform, which included a $1000 per child per year tax credits for all homeschoolers.

While I oppose this policy, I think it is a good thing that homeschool issues are being debated in a favorable way. It is also good that a homeschooler is in on the debate. I think that as home educating families grow in number in Canada we will see more and more of the vote-grabbing attempts by politicians here and there. So I think that from the very start, this week all homeschoolers should say "My vote will not be bought". 'Cause if we start to run into the arms of every candidate that offers homeschoolers a goodie we will soon be reliant on government for funding. It does not take long. So keep an eye on Brad Trost, don't make him your political hero quite yet, and let's all fight for homeschool freedom!

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