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MACHS Conference 2017

The MACHS conference is the biggest event of the year for me. Not only is it fun, but I literally spend more than a year planning it. It's a bit stressful knowing you are responsible for so much, but I always find a way to have a good time mixed in with all the work. Here are some pictures I liked that should be fun for those who were there, and should give the poor souls that could not come, an idea of what it is like. All photo credits go to the McKee family and my sisters.

One of the first things to be done is stuffing the goodie bags.

A lot of work gets done on Thursday, including setting up the whole registration desk.

Early on Friday morning, the first batch of registration volunteers gets a briefing.

Heidi St. John really got into it. Here you can see her stepping into a point.

Caleb got a good perch to grab a crowd shot.

As soon as the panic of starting wore off, I sat down with a few of my homeschooled friends to talk about our experiences, and any advice we may have. I think it went well. You can watch a video of it below.

Isaac remains the king of expressions. Just could not pass this one up.

Daniel Craig was so great at Teen Track. The teens and adults were impacted by his talks. I'm so glad I was able to spend some time with him through the weekend. If you want to see some of his music visit his website or watch this music video.

A lot of people complained that I was moving to fast to keep track of. This is true. All the pictures of me are blurry.

There must be better pictures of Celeste's grad somewhere. If you have any great shots from the conference can you send them to me? Celeste had the honor of graduating in a dress that she made, with an unborn sibling. Something few ever do. Congrats Celeste! :)

The 2017 grads

At the end of the conference the committee gets yanked off whatever they may be doing and gets thanked as well as get a chance to thank all people who came. It's always a somewhat awkward but happy moment.

Afterwards we go crash for supper, and have a few good laughs, such as you see here.

I'm blessed to have been a part of this and I'm working on 2018 already.

#MACHS #Homeschooling

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