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MACHE ~ Mercer Mondays.

Friday and Saturday we were at the MACHE conference. Celeste, Heath, Avril, and I made the trek down to St. Paul, MN on Thursday. My first cross over the border myself was really smooth. And of course homeschool conferences are always a pile of fun.

Our hotel room had about 16 foot ceilings. It was quite a lot of space.

The first thing is always the mad scramble at the used book sale. I got a couple of goodies.

Eric Ludy was the keynote speaker and had large crowds throughout the convention.

It can be fun to sit a quarter mile away from the speaker.

Getting lost in the exhibit hall is just a regular thing at MACHE.

It was almost hot, and so having lunch on the Mississippi was really nice.

And I would be amiss not to have a picture with Andrew Pudewa. He is a hot autograph, and is as big a selfie star as the Prime Minister.


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