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Mercer Mondays

Wow! It's been a full week. Tours started on Tuesday. It was a bit on the chilly side, but other than that, it was a silky smooth first week.

On Wednesday, Mom, Dad, Sonnet and myself went to a fundraising concert by Steve Bell, for Karin Janzen. She needs back surgery to live life properly. It was a great time. There is nothing better than listening to great music and fighting socialized medicine at the same time.

Sonnet disliked the music, and spent most of the time with her hands over her ears.

We get nice sunsets all the time. Here are two from this week.

And here is a silly moon shot. (Pun intended.)

Do any of you know how you get a good picture of the moon?

On Saturday we went to a debate between John Feakes and Darren Kay. It was on the question, "Is God needed to understand the world?" It went really well. I got to tape it. So if you would like to watch it just keep an eye out, and I'll have it up soon.

Sonnet grows bigger and badder all the time. Here she gives the camera the pouty face.


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