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Trump, Drugs, and How Hard is it to Vote? Friday Wrap Up.

Washington remained in continued turmoil this week, as Donald Trump now is finally an embattled president. Nothing that has been released so far warrants serious consideration of impeachment. But the continuous drip, drip, drip of the negativity, and these stories will erode his popular and Congressional support, potentially paving the path for president Pence.

I have not been a major supporter of the impeach Trump point of view, and I'm not subscribing to that now, but I do hope that Congress will hold his feet to the fire, and potentially get him to tighten up the way he's been running the White House. I'm keeping an eye on this one.

My favorite spot to get Politics news is Five Thirty Eight.

Tom Woods had a really excellent podcast this week, talking about the drug war. It gave me a lot of new info on the effects and causes of drug use, and the best ways to actually reduce drug use, addiction and the damage that it causes. I was amazed. I really took this podcast to heart and I think it would be 100% worth your time to go give it a listen, as Canada legalizes marijuana most of the way, and we deal with opioid crisis, and the damage that is done by drugs. Especially among conservative circles, I see more disagreement about what is the best solution. The right has people who believe that the 11 year old who takes a puff of marijuana should be doing life in prison, and also people who believe that crack cocaine should be available at your Walmart. The information in this podcast was helpful for my understanding and interpretation of how best to solve this tough issue. Listen here!

There was puzzling news out of the vote counting center for the conservative leadership race this week. Word was that between 1/5 to 1/3 of ballots did not have proper ID. This really annoys me, because we live in the age of the internet, and to not have an online voting option of some sort where you could check to see whether your ballot was good, is really backwards. These people all wanted to support their candidate. I'm sure that they were trying to get their ID right and the fact that 20% or so people got it wrong means that something was too hard or was not well enough explained. Eric Grenier also came out with a piece on how the point system will impact the vote next Saturday.

Give it a read to get up to speed.

That's the Friday wrap-up. Every Friday I bring you a few news stories that caught my attention, with hopefully well-distilled thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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