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Friday wrap up.

The U.K. went to the polls, and sent back a hung parliament. I think May will hold on to power, but Brexit is going to be something to watch. I was not expecting this close of a race, but it was clear that May is best in 10 Downing, and Corbyn is best on the hustings.

The Liberals have declared a new foreign/military policy this week. It's sort of like this. "Canada needs to be a little version of Bush "Bull Dog of the World" style of "world leadership"". Which I guess make us the yappy Chihuahua, biting the toes of our enemies, to try and make up for the "lack" of US force abroad. I think that this is all talk, no action. Which is a good thing. Trying to do what the US has done since I was born on the world stage is a REALLY! bad idea.

The Comey hearing was a big deal, but I don't think it changes anything. The new normal of DC will go on til the the other shoe drops.


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