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Weekend Camping ~ Mercer Mondays

My feet are in a basin of water to lessen the pain caused by excessive bare foot running, and I have a slight sunburn (quite rare for me), but my heart is full. We spent the weekend camping at Riding Mountain, with a pile of good friends. Herds of kids were loosed on bikes to take over the roads, we played hours of volley ball, sang great worship songs, and took some knock out pictures.

Thanks to all of you who spent the last few days with us.

I got my phone wet in a desperate dive to save the volley ball from going in the water, and it seems to have perished in that effort. Maybe that's a good thing.

Sonnet laughs at something.

We are starting to get half decent at the game. But a few more hours won't hurt.

Crayfish are fun to extract from the water. I ate some clam, and I know someone was cooking one of these critters, but I'm not sure if anyone had Crayfish for breakfast. (Edit. Word is that several boys chowed down on this delicacy. No word on if they liked the taste.)

So I had never been on a tandem bike before and was a bit unsure of how easy it would be. Well, needless to say, it's easy and a ton of fun. Highly recommended!

Sometimes the best thing to do with life is look on.

Photo credits to Phoebe, Celeste, Jodi Thiessen, and maybe others. I took a couple of the good ones myself.


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