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Going On a Trip.

We are going on a trip later this week. It's a short blitz through some sights, and then a conference. I'll try and blog about it a bit. Don't you just love it when people go on trips and post pics from the airport, pics from the plane, pics from the hotel, pics from the beach.... you get the idea. It's a real problem where people (especially young people) keenly feel when others lives feel more exciting. So I'll try and keep it under control. If you want more pre trip talk you can listen to the latest podcast. I have been enjoying Anchor, I hoping to be on there during the trip, so if you want you can follow me on there.

This cantaloupe might really turn into something if the frost holds off.

The Splashes of rain leave a mark on the grateful peppers.

Sonnet likes footballs!

She is also learning about cameras. I'll get her one soon!

#Travel #2017Trip

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