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  • Mercer Lawrenson

We are in Laura Land!

De Smet, South Dakota ~ The home of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

And boy this town is all about that.

We got here this morning and spent the day at the homestead of Laura's childhood. Little of the buildings of that time remain on this site, but many examples have been restored. I found even just standing in the places that these stories have woven into our hearts to be an impactful and moving experience. It is a charming and beautiful country, with rolling hills, a lot more trees than there once was, and even at this time of year, lushly rich green grass. Below are snapshots of the day.

This is all you need to see of North Dakota.

Sonnet did not want to sleep her prescribed allotment, but handled driving well over all.

Takis is in school for the first time.

A replica of the Ingalls claim home.

Sonnet in a bonnet!

Driving is fun!

This little foal was a darling. I'll make a post of just him one day.

Twisting hay sticks.

Corn dolls are tasty! Yum!

Heath driving the draft horse team.

Walking to the church.

That's all I can get up for now. I hope you enjoyed it!

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