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Sunset Over Lake Henry

The twin lakes feature prominently in the Laura and Almanzo's courtship story. She would stand in the doorway and watch him drive the buggy the mile and a half from town. He would pull up to the door; she would hop in and off they drove through the rolling prairie. It's a very romantic place, but there were less trees then, so maybe I'm just the one romanticizing. One of their favorite locations for them to go was the twin lakes. Henry and Thompson are divided by a thin strip of land about a mile long. It has been widened over time and a large number of homes have been built with an expansive view of lake to the north and the south. When the homes were not there, and grass blew against the wild flowers, and the lone cottonwood stood tall and proud, the scene would have been sincerely affecting.

We went down for a sunset. God painted a beauty.

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