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Free Range Life!

Welcome to the blog hop. Me and a few of my friends have decided to all blog about homeschooling. If you are coming here from one of their blogs, welcome to the Mercer Report. If you have not yet seen the other posts yet follow these links for more blog fun.

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The 21st Century Times

Living free is what everyone desires. That means the ability to get up and do with the day whatever you choose. I live that kind of life. Each day presents me with the chance to farm, build, make a youtube video, or do one of my other favoured activities.

If I wanted to, I am fully confident that I could take on any enterprise in the world. That is a lifestyle and skill set that has been afforded to me by homeschooling.

I grew up on a farm where I spent all day doing three things: working, reading, and and figuring out how to accomplish the latest idea that had come into my head. This has given me a tremendously freeing view of life where, even as a young person, I at least think I can do anything. I have taught myself mechanics, video, and website building because that’s what I wanted to do.

It’s a free lifestyle, that means I tackle whatever challenge presents itself each day.

Homeschooling, by being work, reading and fun projects, gave me a full tool kit for life.

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