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Mercer Mondays

Saturday was the second Liberty Film challenge, and the extraordinary part was the fact it was not overly challenging.

Caleb Mogilvesky did an excellent job of planning and running the whole affair.

The group of thirty was divided into 4 teams.

The morning was dedicated to brainstorming, settling on an idea, outlining and scripting, as well as prepping any props and locations that would be needed. The white board is a key part of that processes.

After lunch the filming began. In a team leaders meeting during the noon break we found that every team was shooting most of their film outside. In the blasting wind and freezing cold.

Wearing the headphones was a real privilege in the wind.

Some did enough inside to keep ears and toes warm.

Coaching acting and operating a camera at the same time is what the short time demands.

As soon as each team completed shooting editing could commence.

Sometimes editing is tedious for the young. It took about 3 hours.

We had a lot of fun conversations over supper.

Waiting for the last teams to finish so viewing can commence.

We all watched and then voted on the films. Team 4 won with team 1 close behind. I led team 2. To see them all, head to the channel.

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