• Mercer Lawrenson

Traveling to Quebec. It's as wild as you might think.

Last Saturday we headed out on a ambitious trip. To drive straight from Southern Manitoba, all the way to a town a little hop beyond Quebec City.

It was a very long drive and a lot of that was in the dark. Hardly much to see outside, but fun to shock people in the back seat with the flash.

Below are the blurry lights of a Chicago street.

Chick-fil-a is a must when visiting the US.

We spent a lot of time stopping at gas stations.

We drove for 35 hours only stopping for gas and food. It was a long marathon, but we have caught up on sleep and are feeling good.

And here is downtown Toronto.

We have done a bunch of stuff already, and I just have had a hard time posting until now, so you can expect more posts soon.


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