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Spring Film Challenge.

Last Saturday was the third film challenge put on by Liberty Film.

Caleb as always did a great job organizing the whole day. The group of 35 filmmakers was split into four teams. We based out of Grace Chapel, with the added twist of being able to travel to filming locations this time. Below are some pictures from the day with the films embedded at the bottom. But you can jump straight to watching the films on YouTube here.

Why do pictures of me have to make me look overtly silly?

My team (team 2) loaded into the van right after lunch. We had sorta finished our script and wanted to get shooting.

We shot most of our film along this path in St Vital park.

Isaac's ghost hovers everywhere.

Sometimes when you call "Action" it means get moving!

Milling around is part of any good day, ;)

I have a reputation as a trouble plagued editor. Here is a picture I took of Caleb's screen to remind me how to find the stabilizer in Resolve. It's embarrassing.

Most of the group just before the last team finished and we watched the films.

Each team did a fantastic job. All four films hold their own!

Watch them all below.

A Very Very Inconvenient Truth | 3rd Liberty Film Challenge: Team 2 (My team)

Zurückzahlen Zeit | 3rd Liberty Film Challenge: Team 4

Introducing... | 3rd Liberty Film Challenge: Team 1

Bowliver's Travels | 3rd Liberty Film Challenge: Team 3

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