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Remembering John Taylor Gatto

I want to note the passing of John Taylor Gatto. Gatto was one of my heroes. We do not home educate because the schools are bad, but Gatto’s savage expose’ of the philosophy behind public education strengthened the hand of many homeschoolers and gave them a high profile advocate for the destructive effects of the compulsory school system.

Gatto’s books are brilliantly effective myth-busters of common beliefs about government education and our reliance on it.

His books have challenged and shaped my own thinking as well as providing me with many hours of entertainment. He is a terrific and brash writer.

Gatto was made famous by delivering a scathing speech ripping apart New York's Public Schools while accepting New York City’s teacher of the year award. And then the following year after winning New York State teacher of the year for the second time, resigning from teaching in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.This short clip of him from the movie Indoctrination gives an idea of what he is like.

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