• Mercer Lawrenson

Scams ~ Mercer Mondays

"Hello?" (Longish pause) "Hi, this is Visa Mastercard....

Is anyone else getting this call over and over everyday? Some people at our house have taken to answering the phone with "Hello, Visa Mastercard!

The fact is landlines are almost entirely scams and Grandmas these days. And Grandmas are worth picking up the phone to hear a computer a couple times a day just in case Grandma might want to call.

On the subject of scammers, does anyone know how to get Pinterest to stop emailing me everyday? I set up an account at some point (mistake) I have unsubscribed repeatedly and I still get emails. Is it some sort of joke I don't get?

Wishing you more calls from Grandma than Pintrest or or Visa Mastercard!



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