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Through My Lens ~ The Best Of 2018

2018 was a glorious and blessed year. This year was also a breakthrough year for me and photography.

This post will look back on the best moments and photos of the year.

Most of these photos are mine. Those that where taken by others are noted by the photo. 📷

Thanks to those of you who snapped a pic at the right moment.

(Note. This post was almost ready to publish on January 1st. How it's almost the end of April now I don't know.)


Sometimes the power going out is the best thing that can happen.

We made the trek (and it's a long trek) to the East Coast. The ocean is such a powerful part of God's creation.

Nova Scotia's Eastern coast.

I got the Canon SL2 on this trip, and the photo below and above are my first success using HDR.

Built to represent the gas chambers of the worst concentration camps and engraved with the numbers assigned to those who died in them, the Boston Holocaust memorial impacted me greatly. Don't miss it if you ever visit Boston.


Stripped Away was shot in 2017 but the editing work was finished in 2018 and published in February.

It's one of the best accomplishments in my life to date, and I'm proud to have been able to direct a meaningful, quality film in my teens.

📷 Caleb and Brandon shot Stripped Away, and Caleb made this graphic.


The MACHS conference was a big success. I'm thankful for Isaac and Caleb, and everyone else's support even when I leave them speechless. 📷 Phoebe

📷 Rachelle Louden

Colourful Kombucha


Spring brings new births, and first steps.

Snakes and melting come with spring as well.


May adds puppies!

Most meaningful and best selfie of the year.

This Killdeer made a nest on the river bank pictured above. I stocked her for a couple of weeks to catch hatching, and was rewarded with the amazing shot below.

Ducklings are way cuter then Killdeer when all is said and done.

I couldn't pass this one up.


June calls for a little time at the beach!


July means water fights!

I spent a rewarding and encouraging week at Fisher Bay Bible Camp in July.

Of all the weddings we did videography for, this photo is my favorite.


I spent most of August on the straw fields. I couldn't have been happier. 😊

At field day the commitment to volleyball was up to play-through-the-night levels.

Family photo shoot!

I forgot to jump and smile at the same time. 🙄 📷 Mom


We took a trip west in September. This lime green lock screamed it's bright colour from where it was fastened on a Drumheller bridge, as we went for a chilly walk.

Far colder was emerging from our tents the three nights we spent hiking Mt Robson. The first morning brought this stunning view of the foggy forest and the sky scraping peak. Worth the cold.

Emperor Falls

Atop Snowbird Glacier

Brandon and I felt the need to ascend as high as we could, leaving the rest of the party at lake level. We were well rewarded.

This cave sits just behind where the above photo was taken. Crawling into it's depths made for a strange juxtaposition. Being on top on the world, and in it's heart at the same time. 📷 Brandon Louden


A highlight of the year was getting to fly for the first time. 📷 Dad

I don't have to tell you that the film challenges have gotten bigger over the years. 😉


I think our church sound board is pretty.

As winter comes the colours tend to soften. This photo captures the November feel for me.


The strength of the Pixel XL's camera is demonstrated in the photo below and above. Count me as an AI fan.

Christmas snowfall! 📷 Phoebe

Oma and Opa 💕

Sonnet got working on her 2019 fitness goals early.

As the sun sets on 2018, I look forward to many more great photos in 2019!

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