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Mercer and Rachelle's wedding

The greatest day of our lives came on August 29th 2020! Rachelle and I had been earnestly looking forward to getting married and the day had come! It was a beautiful day. Cool in the early morning, but warming up nicely for our 11 o'clock ceremony.

We had chosen a place in the trees beside the river on my parents property for the ceremony (the same place we got engaged). No small amount of work had been done to clear all the driftwood and prepare the ground, but the result was beautiful! I had imagined this spot for a wedding since I had first noted the archway of trees a couple of years earlier. I was delighted with how it turned out!

The day was perfect from start to finnish. We had the privilege to have several photographers take amazing photos for us. I'm sure you will be delighted to see these moments with Rachelle's captions. ~Mercer

I designed and sewed my wedding gown, a stressful task but very rewarding in the end.

One last look in the mirror before the ceremony

The beautiful birch arches were built by my brother Brandon, and had been used for his wedding a month earlier.

Mercer and his groomsmen walked in to "Stars and Butterflies" from Pride and Prejudice.

Such an incredible moment!

I walked down the aisle to "You Shall Go" from Cinderella. It was a truly magical moment.

The photographer managed to catch the only frown of the maid of honour all day😜

What joy. We were finally getting married!!!

Our dads led the congregational songs together, which was very special.

We took some time to consecrate our marriage to God, as the song "Two Becoming One" played.

Our first kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenson!

Our bridal party had some fun skipping out after us.

Family photo shenanigans....there are always a few fun outtakes!

Bronte was having none of it!

The stunning floral arrangements were done by Rachelle's Aunt Irma, from Prairie Blossom Farm.

Mercer's groomsmen were his friend Isaac, cousin Jireh, brother Heath, and Rachelle's brother Brandon.

My bridesmaids were her sister Elanna and cousins Sharilyn, Janelle, and Ellery.

Brandon didn't get the smiling memo...

Our faces have never been so sore from smiling!

Mercer's Oma made the most incredible butter horns for the reception lunch.

Our wedding day wouldn't have been the amazing success it was if it hadn't been for the huge support from our families and friends! We are so grateful.

Special thanks to our photographers: Brittany, Bethanie, Mom, and Rosie.

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