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Friday Flashback

November 4, 2016

I dug in to the Mercer Report archives, and found this.  It's a little ditty I wrote in November of 2014 about our much beloved table hockey game. ~Mercer


What I Did This Month

November 2014



November came cold, icy, and grey like Novembers are.  We don’t mind this, as long as Life indoors comes with delightful indoor pursuits. The game that dominated November was table hockey, One of the best toy inventions in history.



This game is on its third generation and is still holding up well.



It was manufactured back in the day of " all six" NHL teams   The box claims that it’s "pro" hockey.



I'm not sure about pro, but I know this sleepy looking Canadian can play like a pro.


It makes quite a racket (especially the goalies) and sounds almost like a real arena.

Lots of fun.





In other news,

I insured my first car so now I spend four nights of the week partying!

My not quite Ferrari when it was a little newer.









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