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Film Challenge! Mercer Mondays

June 19, 2017

 Saturday was the Liberty Film 24 hour film making challenge. It was a pile of fun. If you want to see the final product right away, click here. 


I packed this mess up, so I had all the stuff I could want.


 We started the morning by being split into teams and brainstorming ideas and then writing a script.

 Although, we say "lights, camera, action", sound is really one of the most important parts. 




                        There is always time for a good laugh.

One of the other groups shooting outside.

 Starting to edit.

An hour later. I really did want to stab my eye out. 

Almost done. Looking a bit tired. 


 One of the other groups editing.

 Selfies with the whole crew just before watching the flicks. 


Below is the film I was a part of making, if you want to see the rest on youtube click here.

 Thanks to Cable for making this happen, and to all who came out. It was a memorable day. 


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