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Can You Weld A Spring?

July 11, 2017

It's been a crazy weekend.  On Saturday I started baling the first hay of the year.  That went well for a few hours, till part of the pick-up broke. So Sunday morning I built a new bearing, that at this point seems to be better than the original. The way things stood was, I had a lot of hay on the ground and destructive rain is coming by Monday night. So I went out and baled for a short stint Sunday morning, It was brief because one of the springs broke. Now a search of John Deere's not so easy to use parts site, told me that if I was to beat the rain I would not be able to get a new part. A very easy search of Google  told me that fixing a spring was not a piece of cake.  But I had no choice but to try welding and after a Monday morning of some failure and finally sweet success, I had a fixed spring. It broke by the end of the day, but I got the hay baled, and can now lick my wounds for a day or so while things dry up. So I can weld a spring enough that God will keep it together till I can get the job done. Boy do I love farming! 

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