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On Vacation! ~ Mercer Mondays

July 2, 2018

 The end of June means a few free days for our family! We took full advantage of that and went down to the cabin at West Hawk Lake. 

 Every day was good beach weather. 




 and splash! 



 Sonnet loved playing in the sand. For hours at a time she would shovel, pick up sand and play with water. 



 Phoebe digging a hole to put Sonnet in. 

Parenting hack: Don't want to worry about your kids running away? Put them in a pit. Works like a charm. 

 When you can watch yourselves set up for a family picture no one wants to look at the camera. 

 What's coming? 

 A motorcycle! Crash. Bang!

Marching down to the boat.

 Motorboats are fun too.  Motor anything is usually fun...


Phoebe learned to water ski.







 Lone and friendless strawberry I had better eat you! 

 Ice Cream! 

 Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the last day and a half. 

 Step 1: Roast

 Step 2: Reach perfection 

 Step 3: Smoosh

 Step 4: Consume all the sticky sugar you can before Mom sends you to bed. 

 Our lives are like a spark, or maybe footprints in the sand. There for a moment and then extinguished  or washed away. Cherish the moments you have with your family. 

 They may  all too soon be gone. 


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